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Golden Ratio Frequencies

Manchester, 28.08.21

2 hours of trance inducers, stress reducers, sonic meditations, sun salutations, deep vibrations, drone emanations and setting you up for a weekend of re-calibration. Keep it horizontal, keep it locked.


  • Julianna Barwick 
  • MLO
  • Terekke
    Live At Het Bimhuis (Edit)
  • RIP Hayman 
    Waves For Flutes
  • Ocean Moon
    Golden Prism
  • High Wolf 
    U Basic
  • Polypores
    Gargantuan (Edit)
  • New Age Doom & Lee Scratch Perry
    Life Is An Experiment
  • Devendra Banhart, Noah Georgeson 
    Into Clouds
  • Aphex Twin 
    aisatsana [102]
  • Ahrkh 
    Haze Cascade
  • Khotin 
    Frog Fractions
  • CZN 
    On An Asset Tip
  • Sun Forest
    Emerald Days
  • Galecstasy