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Got Kinda Lost Records Presents Planet Fever

Chicago, 01.04.20

Named after a long-standing DJ residency at local Chicago libations repository Sportsman’s Club, Jeremy Cargill—Got Kinda Lost Records (Founder/All-Arounder), Ugly Things Magazine (staff writer), freelance journalist, curator, DJ—broadcasts a monthly edition with the same dedication he brings to his reissue work (by the likes of Pete Dello and Friends, Hot Knives, Promise and others), forever-searching for the best of past/present/future with Planet Fever.

From the hotbeds of Akron, Chicago, Detroit, Memphis and many other far-flung environs, Planet Fever charts the roots and fruits of Proto-Punk, pre-‘76/Beatlesque/traditionalist Power Pop, Bonehead Crunchers, Thug Rock, Junkshop Glam, Hard Rock, '70s rock'n'pop, Bubblegum, “out of time” treasures and Proto-Metal cromags, with never-ending inspiration from the pre-punk fanzine scene of the ‘70s, serving crucial crud for anyone who’s ever had their heart hotwired…


  • Wesley Coleman 
    Summer Of '79
  • Dutch Masters 
  • Outdoorsmen 
    You And Me And Rock N Roll
  • LiveFastDie 
    Pissing On The Mainframe
  • Black & Whites
    Multiple Girls
  • Limes 
    Into A Tree
  • Bullet 
  • Starlust 
    Girly Books & Magazines
  • Yellow Hair 
    Talent For Lovin'
  • Carbonas 
    Blackout Waiting To Happen
  • Daily Void
    Surprise Surprise) You've Lost Your Eyes
  • Feelers
    Next Boy
  • Le Face 
    Salvador Dali
  • CPC Gangbangs 
    Teenage Crime Wave
  • Black Sunday 
    Cut Out!
  • Black Sunday 
  • Hunx And His Punx
    You Don't Like Rock'n'Roll
  • Knaughty Knights 
    Death Has Come Over Me
  • Dead Ghosts 
    What To Do
  • Gaye Blades 
    Treat Me Like A Man
  • The Dutchess & The Duke
    Resevoir Park
  • Jack Oblivian 
    Black Boots