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Gqom Oh! w/ Nan Kole & Citizen Boy

London, 11.08.17

With Citizen Boy

Gqom Oh! Records is a label dedicated to the sound of Durban, South Africa.


  • Mafia Boyz
    Abathakathi Base-Jamaica
  • Thobzin Ft. Madanon Harras
  • Emo Kid 
    Rains Of Terror (Main Mix)
  • Formation Boyz
    Level 4 (Main-Junk-Mix)
  • Citizen Boy
    Citizen Boy Guestmix
  • Griffit Vigo
  • Addison Groove (Nan Kolè mix) 
    Shango (Nan Kolè Remix)
  • Griffit Vigo 
    GQOM 6
  • Griffit Vigo
  • TLC Fam
    Tribute To Versace (R.I.P Magoqa)