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Groovy Doobie do♬ w/ Yuka Mizuhara

Tokyo, 02.03.21

Japanese DJ Yuka Mizuhara joins us for an hour every month, selecting the most feel good classic house and disco. Dig!


  • Fabos's Orchestra
    Soap Bubbles
  • Ennio Morricone 
    Slalom (Un Cafe Sulla Banchina)
  • The Style Council 
    The Whole Point Of No Return
  • Tatsuhiko Yamamoto 
    Farewell, Midnight Blue
  • Oldland Montano 
  • The Rain Coats
    Dancing Of Hopping Mad
  • Lucid Paradise W
    Get On Up!
  • Shojotai
    Electric City
  • Metro Area 
    Orange Alert
  • MJ 
    Shangri-La Investigations
  • CFCF 
    Pleasure Centre
  • Mike Francis 
    This Love
  • Ryuich Sakamoto
    El Cucu #1
  • Smoke City 
    With You
  • Foster Sylvers 
  • Piero Umiliani 
    L'Arcangelo (Seq. 7)