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Baio - Dead Hand Transmission #2

Los Angeles, 04.02.21

With Baio

LA based producer & multi-instrumentalist Baio looks ahead to his new album "Dead Hand Control" with another guest appearance on the NTS airwaves…


  • Armed Forces Screen Report #114
    Armed Forces Screen Report #114
  • Baio
    Dead Hand Dub #3
  • Bleaching Agent 
    In Flaming Virtue
  • Roman Flügel 
    Test 1
  • Waffles 007
    Side A
  • Till Von Sein
  • Tiger Stripes 
    Rasmus Faber Plays The Marimba
  • Avalon Emerson 
    Rotting Hills
  • Loods
    Pure Bliss Meltdown (Gerd Janson Dance Remix)
  • Malin Genie 
  • Ela Minus (Elkka mix) 
    Megapunk (Elkka Remix (Extended Edit))
  • Ballet Mechanique