Blue Hawaii

Los Angeles, 15.11.19

With Blue Hawaii

Canadian electronic duo, Blue Hawaii stops by the LA studio for a guest hour as they are in town touring for their new album release "Open Reduction Internal Fixation".


  • Fast Times
  • Ian Pooley
    What's Your Number
  • Simon Garcia
    How Long
  • Raze
    Break 4 Love (French)
  • Blue Boy
    Funky Friday
  • Photonz ( Palms Trax mix )
    Osiris Resurrected (Palms Trax Remix)
  • Qmusse & Dubaa
    Message (Forteba Remix)
  • Everything But The Girl, Deep Dish
    The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold)
  • Studio 54
  • Josh Butler
    Feel Good (Extended Mix)
  • Mr.G
    My Father's Farda ( G's Sound Boyz Dub)

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