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DJ Sprinkles


With DJ Sprinkles

The legendary DJ Sprinkles came to NTS, having a bit of a chat with our own Brav, along with playing some elegant records.


  • DJ Sprinkles 
    House Music Is Controllable Desire You Can Own
  • Moby 
  • DJ Sprinkles
    Parallel Beat Brothers
  • June (DJ Sprinkles mix) 
    Lost Area (Dj Sprinkles' Lost Dancefloor)
  • DJ Sprinkles
    Midtown 120BPM Blues
  • DJ Sprinkles 
    Ball'r (Madonna-Free Zone)
  • DJ Sprinkles 
    Reverse Rotation
  • Corbie
    Arkita (DJ Sprinkles Deeperama)
  • DJ Sprinkles 
    Grand Central, Pt. I (Deep Into The Bowel Of House)
  • Bluntman Deejay
    Stat (Real)
  • D-Ribiero
    Down You Will Go (DJ Sottofett Remix)
  • Tennis (Larry Heard mix) 
    Make It Good (Larry Heard Vocal Dub)
  • Lawrence 
    In A Rush
  • Iron Curtis 
  • Tin Man
    Loce Sex Acid
  • Prins Thomas 
    Blusjketuta Trommeversjon