Earth Dog w/ DJ Set

London, 22.11.19

Woof woof, it's Earth Dog, featuring the one and only DJ Set.


  • Kelly Charles
    You're No Good For Me (Classy Club Dub Mix)
  • Jack And Jill
    Work It Girlfriend (Afternoon Mix)
  • Criminal House
    Rhythm Talk (Lloyds Dub)
  • George Morel
    Boom Boom
  • Mikeq & DJ Sliink
    Werk'd It
  • Edward "Get Down" Crosby, The Get Down Gang
    You Belong To Me (Bitch Mix)
  • Armando feat. Sharvette
    Don't Take It (Thomos Edit)
  • The Mole ( DJ Sprinkles mix )
    Lockdown Party (Sprinkles' Crossfaderama)
  • K Hand
    Out Yo Mind
  • Full Swing ( John Ciafone mix )
    Freestyle '96
  • Coco Steel & Lovebomb
    Feel It (Original Version)
  • Whitney Houston
    I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Dub Mix)
  • Cherrelle
    I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
  • Theo Parrish, Marsellus Pittman
    Questions Comments
  • LAPS
    Lady Bug

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