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New York, 24.05.21

With Eartheater

Eartheater broadcasts from the Cayman Islands in a special guest hour, sharing a wealth of unreleased material and remixes, and an interview with local Cayman music legend Stephan Cotterell.

Photo by Kira Lillie.


  • Eartheater
    Introduction With A Field Recording Of The Ocean
  • Eartheater Mixed With My Heart Will Go On
    Mercurial Nerve (Phoenix: La Petite Mort Edition)
  • Shark Moods
  • Cher 
  • Sheryl Crow 
    If It Makes You Happy
  • Cleb
    (Unreleased) Eartheater Remix Of Negative Space
  • Eartheater
    Safely Contemplating
  • Eartheater
    A Temple Piercing
  • Eartheater
    Interview With Cayman Island Local King Stephan Cotterell
  • Cotterell Ft J, Cayman Elise, Og Luc
    (Unreleased) Shooting Stars
  • Eartheater
    (Unreleased) Live Recording Fools Rush In With Eugene Leon Playing Harp
  • Eartheater 
    How to Fight (La Petite Mort Edit)
  • Eartheater AG Cook Remix
  • Eartheater And Alarm Will Sound
    (Unreleased) Iridescence In The Char