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Fixed Abode w/ Blackhaine, Rawtape, and Rainy Miller

Manchester, 05.12.20

Fixed Abode is a new label that is rooted in experimentation and development of short term music projects. The first project, FIX-001 brings together Blackhaine, Rawtape, and Rainy Miller. In this show, they discuss the inspiration behind the new release and premiere the EP.

Image by Tom Mckean.


  • Jack Bowes
  • Space Afrika 
  • Section 25 
    New Horizon
  • Billy Bragg 
    A New England
  • Ian Brown 
    Corpses In Their Mouths
  • Ecko Bazz 
    Nightmare Song
  • Outsource, MC Bubbla feat. MC Bubbla 
    Scouser Soldier (Acapella)
  • Jack Bowes
    Transient 1
  • Blackhaine, Space Afrika, Rainy Miller
  • Moor Mother 
    Act 2 - Circuit Break
  • Jack Bowes
    Transient 2
  • Blackhaine 
  • Blackhaine Feat Iceboy Violet
    The Fall
  • Blackhaine
    Black Lights On The M6
  • Blackhaine
    Death In June
  • Blackhaine
  • Jack Bowes
    Transient 3