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Für Katastrophen geplant: Eine Mischung für Schimpfluch-Gruppe Special

New York


Starting in Zürich, Switzerland in 1987 by seminal artist Rudolf, or sometimes commonly known as Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck, the collective umbrella titled Schimpfluch-Gruppe has evolved from a home base imprint to a collaborative work embodying performative action, musique concrète methodology, endurance and biological critique. The earliest outreach of Schimpfluch-Gruppe outside of the label catalog confines was a monthly radio show titled Psychic Rally, broadcast from Radio LoRa in Zürich and was hosted by Rudolf and his recent collaborator, Joke Lanz (a.k.a Sudden Infant.) During these broadcasts, and Lanz would collage their own works alongside found sounds from around the world, solidifying Schimpfluch-Gruppe’s aesthetic as one of collective immersion and experimental psychic surgery. Their ranks would soon include the intensive field recordist Dave Phillips, the obsessive academia of Daniel Löwenbrück (Raionbashi) and occasional contributions from the reclusive sound artist Marc Zeier (G*Park).

This hour long mix is a brief portal into Schimpfluch-Gruppe’s collective works, as well as the core members solo endeavors. This is by no means a “greatest hits” but simply a basic overview to allow any bystander to experience, on an auditory level, the creative statement made by the group as well as the divergent paths each member chose to work in, making them each their own island within the collective chain. The listener can make their own decision based on their subjective findings. All things in the spirit of Schimpfluch.

Thanks to Rudolf for his insight and artwork. Thanks to John Abbey for the live photograph, taken in June 2016, New York City.

Ryan Martin, New York City 2018
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  • Rudolf - Extreme Rituals
  • Wash Your Brains - (No 3)
  • Dave Phillips - Canine Games.
  • Sudden Infant - Radiorgasm
  • Schimpfluch-Gruppe - Mama (1.) (Muttertags-Aktion: 11.00 A.M. / 18. Mai 1991 / Zürich)
  • Joke Lanz - Untitled
  • Raionbashi - Der Strick
  • Rudolf - 666 (Music for Francis Bacon)
  • Psychic Rally - 4-01 / 900301
  • Dave Phillips - Live Action 130731
  • Vehikel & Gefäss (& Ventilator) - Live-Akcion 90-03-21
  • Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck - Asshole / Snail Dilemma
  • Joke Lanz - Lip Trip