Live now

Galaxy My Dear

Portland, 26.01.18

Jason Urick, the man behind the excellent Galaxy My Dear radio show presents a 2 hour mix of tracks sourced from the website CDBaby, which is a Portland based company that accepts music from people and will print CD-Rs and sell on demand.


  • Ralph Gordon
    Do'nt Play With My Heart Real
  • Daniel Johnny Johnson Jr.
    Jazz Under The Tree Of Life
  • Mpact
    Sol Fu Yo
  • Mary Ella 
    Do Unto
  • Motown Moe
    Nairobi Market
  • Atilla Kovacs
  • R.L.
  • Bruce L
    Right On Time
  • Danny Gilley
    Save Our Planet/Pushed To The Sky
  • Norma Fraser
    Japaica (Instrumental)
  • Coleman & Brown's Crystal Winds
    Night Flower
  • Kevin Gariepy 
    Cool For Myles
  • Jeff Rowan
  • No Trajade
    I Breathe You
  • M.T. Jones
    Moving On Down The Line
  • ING
    Captain Tweety
  • Efia Mikes
    The Make-Up Song
  • Rudy L. Strickland Jr.
  • Louis Batey
    Salsa Sax
  • Buffalo Soldier
    Atomic Bomb
  • Norman Evans
    Up & Out
  • Pierre
  • Corey Johnson
    Love Disaster
  • Charles Hodge
    Make You Say Ohh
  • Jeff Rowan Feat Sarah Gunnarson
    Garden Days
  • Ojeda Penn & Shazara
    Fine Young Guy
  • Terry Shaw
    Distant Storm
  • Bangolee & 920
    Chillin (Music Mix)
  • Jesse Williams
    Heart Beat & Relaxing Bath
  • Buffalo Soldier 
    Vision Of Love
  • DJones
    I Like Your Style (Freestyle)