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Gay Gotham w/ Rico Taylor

Los Angeles, 22.06.22

The 1970s was known as the ‘Golden Age of Gay Sex’ in the metropolitan cities of New York City, San Francisco, and London. Gay clubs such as The Cock Ring, Heaven, The Gallery, and I-Beam were all places for gay men to express themselves and their sexuality. Gay Gotham explores the music behind these gay clubs and the underground Electronic/Avant-Garde/Disco music scene of the 1970s. This movement in music was led by artists such as Patrick Cowley, Arthur Russell, and Klaus Nomi. and All of whom later died of AIDS the following decade in the 1980s. This show pays tribute to that era. These artists/producers dj'd clubs, wrote operas, and scored gay porn films --not only influencing the underground queer scene but eventually also the mainstream