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Grimm Grimm


Koichi Yamanoha a.k.a Grimm Grimm takes over NTS2.


  • B.J. Ward 
  • Clara Rockmore 
    The Swan
  • Glenn Gould 
    Contrapunctus V
  • Amelita Galli-Curci 
  • Sea Urchin 
    Call Of The Master Of The Haze
  • Norma Tanega 
    What Are We Craving?
  • Unknown Artist
    I Feel It With My Teeth
  • Killer Bong
    Last MPC1
  • Unknown Artist
    Lullaby On The Sea
  • Ikki Suzuki
    Branco No Yume
  • Douji Morita
    Boku Wo Mitsukete Naikana
  • Crass 
    Our Wedding
  • Magical Power Mako 
    Open The Morning Window, The Sunshine Comes In, The Hope Of Today Is Small Bird Singing
  • Mahomed Kawonza And Villagers 
  • Chiaki Nishimori
    Kaze Ni Naru
  • Lone Pigeon, The Kittens 
    Jupiter And Mars (Instrumental)
  • Tetsurou Kashibuchi
    Kotoba Nakushite
  • Unknown Artist
    Not Goodbye
  • Popol Vuh 
    Aguirre I (L'Acrime Di Rei)
  • Danielle Darrieux 
    Le Premier Rendez-Vous
  • Monster
    Come On Into Hell
  • Jacqueline Du Pré, Stephen Kovacevich, Ernest Lush, William Pleeth 
    Cello Suite No. 1 In G Major BWV 1007
  • Tear Away
    The Temporary Shelters
  • Marine 
    A Propositio Dei Napoli
  • Interval
    Naima Karlson & Koichi Yamanoha
  • Rhapsody
    Me And Apple Pie
  • Joël Fajerman 
    Painted Desert