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London, 28.07.21

A soundscape by Leyla Pillai (Who's That Girl?) to accompany the visual-textual essay Herēma written by Rose Higham-Stainton. Agnes Martin, Beverly Buchanan, Nancy Holt, Agnes Denes, Rebecca Solnit, Sylvia Plath, Viviane Gornick and the anchoresses of East Anglia are brought together for their recall of early hermeticism, and the solitude of desert fathers in vast open spaces. From the act of pious contemplation to the act of painting and writing, these women breach time and space as a liminal and unified she. Herēma is where we listen to the monolith creak.

Because the desert is not empty, publication proceeds will go to medical aid for Palestine. Published by Sticky Fingers Press.


  • Rose Higham-Stainton
    Back Road
  • Rose Higham-Stainton
    Mandells Court 42
  • Jatinder Singh Durhailey
    Wandering Light
  • Rose Higham-Stainton
    Rendenhall With Harleston CP2
  • Rose Higham-Stainton
    Mandells Court 39
  • Rose Higham-Stainton
    Rendenhall With Harleston CP3
  • Hania Rani 
  • Jatinder Singh Durhailey
  • Rose Higham-Stainton
    The Close
  • Ulla
    Inside Means Inside Me, Side A
  • Annea Lockwood 
    Ear-Walking Woman
  • Richard Skelton 
    Scar Tissue
  • Patti Smith
    Wing Excerpt
  • Loren Connors 
    Many Miles More