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Jerusalem In My Heart

London, 15.07.19

With Jerusalem In My Heart

An hour of music from Montréal–Beirut contemporary Arabic audio-visual duo of musician/producer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and experimental analog filmmaker Charles-André Coderre.


  • Marc Codsi
    Innvocation II
  • Thoom
    No Speech
  • George Wassouf 
    El Hawa Sultan
  • Khodr El Nasser
  • Sharif Sehnaoui & Khayyam Allami
  • Abdel Karim Shaar
    Live Excerpt Oum Kolthoum
  • Two Or The Dragon 
    Prelude For The Triumphant Man
  • Unknown
    08 We Dream In The Sun We Tan When We Can
  • Matar Mohammad
    Maqam Atar Kar
  • Tony Elieh
    It's Good To Die Every Now And Then (Part 1)
  • Fadi Tabbal 
    A Glass Tower
  • Liliane Chlela
    Altruiste Anonyme
  • Mostapha Abu El Foz
    A'gley Romancey