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Kali Malone

Stockholm, 31.05.19

With Kali Malone

Electroacoustic vibrations, drones & more chosen by US composer Kali Malone.


  • Jessika Kenney, Eyvind Kang 
    Towards Solitude
  • Eleh 
    Death Is Eternal Bliss
  • Jessica Ekomane
  • Marcus Pal & Isak Edberg
  • Kakerlak
    Among The Minutiae
  • Peter Söderberg
    On The Carpet Of Leaves Illuminated By The Moon (For Oud And Pure Wave Oscillator)
  • Michael Dierks & Violins
    Tuning In Meantone
  • Leila Bordreuil
    Incidence (Feat. Max Eilbacher)
  • Maryanne Amacher 
    Petra (1991) For Two Pianos
  • Leopard In A Tree
    Dry Shade
  • Josquin Desprez, The Hilliard Ensemble 
    De Profundis Clamavi
  • Karl Sjölund
  • Robin Hayward 
    Stop Time
  • Kali Malone 
    Sacer Profanare