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Kara-Lis Coverdale - Theriomorphism / Supreme, Music

London, 10.06.19

With Kara-Lis Coverdale

Composer Kara-Lis Coverdale shares inspirations ahead of ahead of her upcoming Cafe Oto residency & new work for Hampus Lindwall & Cory Arcangel.

Image credit Dylan Solomon Kraus


  • John Luther Adams 
    The Light That Fills The World
  • John Luther Adams
    Not Quite Spring Dawn
  • Missy Mazzoli
    Heartbreaker (Michael Mizrazi, Piano)
  • Gail Laughton 
    Crete 1400 B.C.
  • Kara
    Lis Coverdale - Unreleased Arrangement Of Úlfur’s Arboresence (Ft. Zeena Parkins, Harp)
  • R. Murray Schafer
    Chant To Keep The Bees Warm (Vancouver Chamber Choir)
  • R. Murray Schafer
    Chant To Make The Fireflies Glow (Vancouver Chamber Choir)
  • Kara
    Lis Coverdale - Konoyo Gagaku Rehersal 1 Phone Memo, Tokyo 2018 (Shō, Koto)
  • Julie Roch
    Cuerrier’s Recording Of Hallway Singing At Marie’s Party, SFK
  • John Luther Adams 
    The Wind In High Places
  • John Luther Adams 
    The Wind In High Places
  • Alice Coltrane 
    Morning Worship
  • Sequoyah Murray 
    Penalties Of Love