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Kelvin Brown

Manchester, 26.11.16

Special guest shows from around the world.


  • Kelvin Brown Feat. Graham Massey & Semay Wu
    China Demo 1
  • Kelvin Brown Feat. Graham Massey
    Ten Commandments Score Chapter 4
  • Liaisons Dangereuses
  • Jackie Mittoo 
    Wall Street
  • Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music, Gold From Wax, Volume 2
    Nuer Wire-Strung Harp: One Hand Plucks The Strings, The Other Beats Time On The Soundbox
  • Carl Craig 
  • Suicide 
    Rocket USA
  • Logg 
    Dancing Into The Stars
  • Chris & Cosey 
    Gardens Of The Pure
  • Gherkin Jerks 
    Acid Indigestion
  • Loleatta Holloway 
    Catch Me On The Rebound
  • A Certain Ratio 
    Knife Slits Water
  • Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit, Holger Czukay 
    How Much Are They?
  • Joe Gibbs & The Professionals 
    Chapter 3
  • Resonance 
    Yellow Train
  • Jeb Loy & The Oil Wells 
    Things That Made U.S.