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Mary Ocher

London, 02.08.17

With Mary Ocher

Mary Ocher joins us for an hour.


  • Holger Czukay 
    Cool In The Pool
  • Bruce Haack
    Cherbic Hymn
  • Silver Apples 
  • Mary Ocher 
    Zah Zah: Part I
  • Dorethy Ashby
    The Moving Finger
  • Mary Ocher, Your Government 
  • Onuma Singsiri
    Mae Kha Sum Tum
  • Francis Bebey
    African Stanza
  • Mary Ocher 
    The Endlessness (Song For Young Xenophobes)
  • Glen Branca
  • Patrick D. Martin 
    I Like 'Lectric Motors
  • Roberto Cappacciaglai
    My Time
  • Mary Ocher
    The Becoming (Feat. Die Toedliche Doris)
  • Mary Ocher 
    The Irrevocable Temple Of Knowledge
  • Roland Bocquet