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Los Angeles, 04.12.20

With Mk.gee

Mk.gee is the solo project of the American multi-instrumentalist and producer, Michael Gordon. Originally from southern New Jersey, now based in Los Angeles, Mk.gee has released 3 projects since 2019. His latest, A Museum of Contradiction merges genres from different worlds with both maturity and ease.


  • C418 
    Dry Hands
  • The Blue Nile
    Eastern Parade
  • Fishmans 
    Pokka Pokka
  • Bill Fay 
    I Hear You Calling
  • Genevieve Artadi 
    All I Want for Now
  • Richard D James
    14 Cornish Spreek5b
  • Colleen 
    The Stars Vs Creatures
  • Bruce Springsteen 
    One Step Up
  • Helen 
  • Bonnie Raitt 
    One Part Be My Lover
  • ESG 
  • The Band 
    It Makes No Difference
  • Mk.Gee