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Peach Preserves w/ Kobwe


Kobwe (AKA Cornbread Carter) put Peach Preserves together as a love letter to the sounds of the South, the West, and Appalachia. The show ranges from Country and Blues to traditional sounds like Sacred Harp Singing and Gospel to more recent experiments and harder to define sounds.


  • The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi
    Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee 2. Nimrod Workman
  • Lookout Mountain Sacred Harp Convention 1968
  • Blaze Foley 
    Rainbows And Ridges
  • Sid Hemphill & Lucious Smith
    Old Devil’s Dream
  • Louvin Brothers 
    The Great Atomic Power
  • The Stanley Brothers 
    Angel Band
  • William Clancy
    Trip O’er The Mountain
  • Zeke
    Free Bird (Live)
  • Elder Beck 
    Rock And Roll Sermon Part 1
  • Ambulance vs Ambulance 
    Hell Is For Johnny
  • Roy Hogshead
    Cocaine Blues
  • De Ford Bailey 
    Pan American Blues
  • Emma Hammond 
    Shout Lula
  • Big Joe Williams, Jimmy Brown, Willie Lee Harris 
    Worry You Off My Mind
  • Middle Georgia Singing Convention
    Bells Of Love
  • Almeda Riddle 
    Bury Me Beneath the Willow
  • Daniel Lanois feat. Aaron Embry, Bill Dillon, Brad Mehldau, Brian Blade, Daryl Johnson, Gilbert Castellanos, Malcolm Burn, Michael Desson, Victor Indrizzo 
  • United Sacred Harp Musical Association
    The Last Words Of Copernicus, #112 21. Elizabeth Cotten