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Planet Q w/ Tomoki Sanders & Kyoko Takenaka

Los Angeles, 24.08.23

Tomoki Sanders and Kyoko Takenaka arrived in-studio to share their tracks from their latest album, PLANET Q, and their origin story - a special homage mix to the artists and mentors that have inspired their bilingual work - from ancestors and artists such as Pharoah Sanders, underground Japanese bands ドドイッツ, and ["ね"]; Kassa Overall, Cisco Swank, plus, unreleased beats produced by Tomoki Sanders.


  • Pharoah Sanders 
    Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord
  • Planet Q
    My Tender, My Sweet, My Loving, Home.
  • Planet Q
    Také (竹)
  • Dodoittsu (ドドイッツ)
    Jinjiroge / Chainamai
  • Né (ね)
    Toi Toi (遠い遠い)
  • Kassa Overall
    John Coltrane (Remix)
  • Tomoki Sanders
    Temple In The Woods
  • Jirouex
    DIAMONDS (Tomoki Sanders Remix)
  • Tomoki Sanders
    Ramune Bottle.
  • Tomoki Sanders
    A Space Letter To Ras G
  • Cisco Swank (Feat. Yoshi T.)
    No Funny
  • Né (ね)
    Probably, I’m Not Mistaken What I Feel (多分思ったことあんまり間違ってない)
  • Planet Q
    Rice Cooker (ライスクッカー)