Quantic - Selva Sessions

London, 26.05.19

With Quantic

The globetrotting producer pulls War, Edwin Birdsong, Francis Bebey & more out of his record bag in a special show.


  • War
    The World Is A Ghetto
  • African Vibration ( Julien Dyne mix )
    Hinde (Julien Dyne Rework)
  • Johnny
    Guitar’ Watson - A Real Mother For Ya
  • Herb Alpert
  • Began Cekic & Fred Zarr
    Back In Time
  • Quantic
    Incendium (Remix)
  • Maribou State
    Kingdom (Odessa Versions Remix)
  • Edwin Birdsong
    Cola Bottle Baby
  • Herbie Hancock
    Watermelon Man
  • Tony Allen ( Carl Craig mix )
    Kilode Remix
  • Quantic feat. Denitia
    You Used To Love Me
  • José Mangual Jr.
    Guaguanco Chano
  • DJ Polo
  • Dublex Inc. ( Quantic mix )
    Tango Forte (Quantic Remix)
  • Clap Clap
    Ode To The Pleiades (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix)
  • Francis Bebey
    Heavy Ghetto
  • Quinteto Violado
  • Lebron Bros.
    Can't Turn It Back On

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