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Katie Kim & Radie Peat

Dublin, 11.04.21

Katie Kim and Radie Peat (Lankum) bring us on a deep dive into some of the music that inspired their recent Doom Folk collaboration with Percolator's Ellie Myler and Spud Murphy.


  • Mary Doran 
    When I Was In Horseback
  • Nico 
    Janitor Of Lunacy
  • Lal Waterson 
    The Scarecrow (Demo Version)
  • Beak> 
    Allé Sauvage
  • In Heaven
    Audio From The Film Eraserhead By David Lynch
  • Aunt Molly Jackson
    About Witches To Alan Lomax In Kentucky 1939
  • Micachu And The Shapes
  • Gaelic Folk Songs
    The Sound Of Mull Leis A Bhata Dhubh Dharaich/ The Black Oaken Boat
  • Enya 
  • KTL 
    Phill 2
  • Nina Nastasia 
    Brad Haunts A Party
  • Miss Judy Henske 
    Love Henry
  • Meredith Monk
    Dolmen Music Excerpt- With Audio Of Germaine Greer Debating William F Buckley In 1973
  • Robert Wyatt 
    Sea Song
  • Sonic Youth 
    La Cabane Au Zodiac
  • The Walker Brothers 
    The Electrician
  • Women And Men In A Field Recorded By Alan Lomax And Diego Carpitella
    La Partenza