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Rare Jams w/ Hot Biscuts


Spanning genres and feels, highlighting records that have just been discovered and made audibly accessible from the Hot Biscuts HQ.


  • Jack Radics 
    What A Difference A Day Makes (Version)
  • Daryl Haines 
    You Know You Want To Be Loved
  • Karen Smith 
    Everything I Need
  • Chicago Newstyle 
    I'm Not The One (Instrumental)
  • Villette Holmes 
    Slow Down
  • Ronnie Dyson Feat. Vicki Austin
    Are We So Far Apart (We Can't Talk Anymore)
  • L. Carrier
    It's You
  • Sad Sack 
  • O'Neil Clarke
    Freaky Country
  • Brownie Bunch 
    Mr. Babylon Man
  • M.C. Bonds 
    I Am Not A Fool
  • Sonja Ryshard 
    Step Back
  • Shela 
    Feel Like The First Time
  • Jamaican Dance Master 
    Sexual Healing (Dancehall Mix)
  • Bigg Ben 
    It's Gonna Be Alright
  • David
    Lies (Part 2)*