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Chicago, 06.07.21

With RP Boo

Footwork's original spark RP Boo graces the NTS airwaves, with a raucous hour of Chicago dance tracks, featuring cuts from his forthcoming album "Established!"


  • EQ Why 
    Liar (Get Higher)
  • RP Boo (Releasing On New Album)
    Haters Increase The Heat
  • DJ Rashad feat. Spinn 
    Let U No
  • RP Boo 
    The Ultimate
  • DJ Rashad
    3 For Da 10
  • RP Boo 
    Heavy Heat
  • DJ Clent
    Can't Feel My Legs
  • RP Boo 
  • DJ Phil, DJ Rashad 
    Can You Feel It
  • DJ Clent feat. Majik Myke 
    Low Lyfe
  • DJ Clent 
    Just Another Back Seat Hoe
  • DJ Phil & DJ Manny
    WestEnd Girls
  • DJ Manny
    Off The Walls 2K12
  • DJ Roc 
    Darth Vader Pt. 2
  • DJ Rashad 
    K Swiss
  • DJ Emo
    A Night To Remember
  • RP Boo
    Bangin On King Drive
  • EQ Why 
  • RP Boo 
    That's It for Lil' Ma
  • DJ Clent 
    Beatdown Murder