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Smithsonian Folkways

Washington DC, 22.05.20

An hour of experimental music selections US archivists & nonprofit label Smithsonian Folkways, featuring material from their three upcoming avant-garde vinyl reissues.


  • Entourage Music & Theater Ensemble
    Neptune Rising
  • Gamelan Son Of Lion
  • Ann McMillan 
    Gateway Summer Sound
  • Tod Dockstader 
    Piece #2
  • Myron Schaefer
    Dance R 4÷3
  • Henry Jacobs 
    Sonata For Loudspeaker
  • Uncredited Bottlenose Dolphin/John C. Lilly, MD
    Female Voice Stimulus
  • Jon Appleton 
    In Deserto
  • Craig Kupka 
    Trombones Of Lithia
  • Laurie Anderson, Tenzin Choegyal, Jesse Paris Smith 
    Listen Without Distraction