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Soul Clap


With Soul Clap

One-off from Soul Clap - listem to 'em do their thing.


  • Nephrok! All
    Stars - Ride It
  • Roldy Cezaire
    You & I
  • Bosq
    Riding High
  • John Barere & Jack Novin
    My World
  • Crew Love, Pillow Talk, Soul Clap
    Smokers Delight
  • Soul Clap + Navid Izadi
    Unprotected Ex
  • Crew Love Ft Navid Izadi
  • Brian Ellis' Reflection Ft. Howard Johnson
    Slow Motion
  • Midnight Magic
    I Got A Feeling
  • Nick Monaco
    Physical Therapy
  • Louie Vega, Nick Monaco, Soul Clap
    See Some Light
  • Louie Vega, Elements Of Life
    Hot Music
  • FSQ
    Cold Front (Funkadelic Dub)
  • Small Black
    Boys Life (Soul Clap's Psychoanalytic Refix)
  • Benoit & Sergio
    Dancing Shoes
  • Eddie Amador ( Soul Clap mix )
    Rise (Soul Clap's Sounds Of Life Remix)
  • Brian Deady
    Clap My Hands (Tony Humphries The Devil Is In The Details Mix)
  • Crew Love Ft Pillowtalk & Soul Clap
    Love Train
  • No Regular Play + Soul Clap
    Weekend At Barnies
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