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Surf Gang (Evilgiane & Eera)

New York, 15.07.21

New York duo Evilgiane & Eera share an hour of tracks from the Surf Gang crew and beyond…


  • Moh Baretta And Polo Perks
    Frvrvmore (Prod Evilgiane And Harrison)
  • Polo Perks
    I95 (Prod Eera)
  • Polo Perks
    Look Easy (Prod Harrison And Trip Dixon)
  • Moh Baretta
    3000 Feet Freestyle (Prod Harrison)
  • Caalvo
    2 Many (Prod Eera And Harrison And Lavish)
  • Dee Aura
    Birthday (Prod Evilgiane)
  • Casper
    Dove (Prod Harrison)
  • Polo Perks
    No Acey (Prod Goner)
  • Caalvo
    Notgoodenoughfortruthincliche (Prod Tommytohotty)
  • Flee
    I Dont Know (Prod Evilgiane)
  • Black Kray
    Moon (Prod Evilgiane And Skrap)
  • Casper
    Give Me Chills (Prod Evilgiane And Skrap)
  • Yen5k
    Icarly (Prod Evilgiane And Harrison)
  • Polo Perks And Harto Falion
    Hm (Prod Evilgiane And Trip Dixon)
  • Realyungphil
    Aint Bout Nun (Prod Evilgiane And Wtm Niketech)
  • Bobainee
    Mosquito P2 (Prod Harrison)
  • Sub9k
    Rip Grandma (Prod Tommytohotty)
  • Polo Perks And Moh Bareta
    Shop At Malls (Prod Evilgiane And Harrison)
  • Moh Baretta
    Owl (Prod Evilgiane And Harrison)
  • Slimesito
    Mayday (Prod Evilgiane)
  • Zelly Ocho
    Double Tapped (Prod Evilgiane)
  • Fluhkunxhkos
    Lick Story (Prod Eera)
  • Polo Perks
    Negative (Prod Evilgiane And Harrison)
  • Polo Perks
    Thetasteofink (Prod Evilgiane And Tommytohotty)
  • Harto Falion
    Talking To A Wall (Prod Evilgiane And Yung Gud)
  • Polo Perks
    Got It Out The Mud (Prod Eera And Evilgiane)
  • Big Yaya
    My Groo (Prod Evilgiane And J6)
  • Slimesito
    Old School (Prod Evilgiane And Goner)
  • Harto Falion
    Stay Solid Foriver (Prod Evilgiane)
  • Moh Baretta
    In My Ear (Prod Eera And Evilgiane And Harrison)
  • Jdn
    Burberry (Prod Harrison)
  • Hook And Lerado
    Menace (Prod Eera And Evilgiane And Yen5k)
  • Sportvvs
    Stuck Up (Prod Harrison)
  • Polo Perks And Moh Baretta
    Rhcp Drill (Prod Eera)
  • Realyungphil
    Live Forever (Prod Evilgiane)
  • Pasto Flocco
    Worthy (Prod Evilgiane And Skrap)
  • Black Kray And Bootychain
    Niteowlz (Prod Eera And Evilgiane And Skrap)
  • Sub9k And Casper
    Nicki Minaj (Prod Harrison)