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Cafe Oto programmer Fielding returns to select another hour of tracks, featuring excerpts from the venue's new Takuroku label…


  • Julia Reidy
    How To Spot A Rip [Excerpt]
  • Wild Rani
    Ruminations Until All Done [Excerpt]
  • Patrick Ward
  • Triple Negative
    The Bloody Deluge
  • Alya Al-Sultani & Mariam Rezaei
    Sister [Excerpt]
  • John Chantler
    Eli Licking Ice [Excerpt]
  • Calhau
    OrioNorio [Excerpt]
  • Paul Abbott
    Deorlaf Z (Version) For XT Deorlaf X Live [Excerpt]
  • Mamer
    Improv 5
  • John Tilbury
    Metalessness [Excerpt]