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The Grey Funnel Line


Special guest shows from around the world.


  • Peta Webb 
    I Have Wandered In Exile
  • Grand River 
    Side Lengths
  • Pauline Oliveros 
    Horse Sings From Cloud (Encore Section), 1977
  • Eyvind Kang 
    Ajaeng Ajaeng
  • Charlie Morrow 
    Desert Plants and Flowers
  • Mary Jane Leech
    Pipe Dreams (Pipe Dreams, Blume)
  • Earle Brown 
    Times Five
  • The Gagmen
    Untitled (The Gagment, IDEAL)
  • Ellen Fullman
    Music For The Gardner (Music For The Man Who Grew Commodify In Wisdom, Besom)
  • Perila & Ulla
    Untitled (Perila & Ulla, Experiences Ltd.)
  • Viki Jackman, Andrew Chalk, Jean-Noelle Rebilly
    Magnolia (A Paper Doll’s Whisper In Spring, Faraway Press)
  • Uncredited
    Humpback Whale (Songs Of The Humpback Whale, Capitol)