Live now

Cold Cuts Radio Hour w/ Wiki & Subjxct 5

London, 16.03.22

With Wiki

Rapper, Wiki, and producer, Subjxct 5, have already made an entire album together (unreleased), toured the USA and are now in London for a one off show at Jazz Cafe.

Wiki is riding the wave of critical acclaim from his latest release ‘Half God’ and Subjxct 5 is hungry to keep releasing music he produces for his crew of rappers SRH/2oo4. Together they form a classic Hip Hop duo: emcee and producer/DJ. They will be playing classics, new heat, unreleased instrumentals, and maybe even some live rapping and beat flipping.


  • Papo2oo4
    Lights Out (Unreleased)
  • Wiki
    Bossed Up Since (Unreleased)
  • YL
    Ankle Lock (Unreleased)
  • Wiki & Reed & Hunnaloe
    Untitled (Unreleased)
  • Papo2oo4 
    Love The Game
  • Vinny Fanta
    Sunbeam (Unreleased)
  • Veeze
  • Big Ouee
    1way (Unreleased)
  • Cassie
    Me X U (AF1 Jersey Club Mix)
  • Project Pat & La Chat
    Chickenhead (AF1 Jersey Club Mix)
  • Subjxct 5
    Club Mix (Unreleased)
  • Lord Unknown & Subjxct 5
    Club Mix (Unreleased)
  • Digdat
    How High
  • Papo2oo4
    Pepsi Plunge
  • Casey
    Missing You / Pooh Shiesty
  • Wiki & Papo2oo4
  • Big Ouee
    Like Lamar
  • Lil Wayne
    Hustler Musik (AF1 Remix)
  • Jay-Z feat. Kid Capri 
    It's Like That
  • Redman
    Can’t Wait (AF1 Remix)
  • M.O.P. 
    Fly Nigga Hill Figga
  • DJ Lucas
    Unreleased From Dirty Designer 2
  • Reed & Hunnaloe
  • Big Ouee & Wiki
    Untitled (Unreleased)
  • Papo2oo4 & DJ Lucas
    Unreleased From Dirty Designer 2
  • Reed & Wiki & Hunnaloe
    Grave Or Paid
  • Papo2oo4
    Untitled (Unreleased)
  • Wiki
    Unreleased From Cold Cuts Mixtape