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Happy Death w/ Ed Horrox

London, 20.11.20

Ed Horrox, the creative director and A&R from 4AD joins NTS once a month for an hour of his personal favourites, which can be pretty much anything: hip-hop, house, found ‘classics’, esoteric century-old jazz recordings, and then occasionally some of those unreleased leftfield pop bangers that 4AD seem to be so good at finding.


  • Durruti Column
  • Clarissa Connelly
    Mother And Daddy
  • Bembeya-Jazz National 
    Armée Guinéenne
  • The Bug 
    You And Me
  • Francis Dhomont 
    Le Message Quand Vient Le Soir
  • Os Sienis
    Power Source (DJ Trip Advisor Version)
  • Aya Metwalli 
    Matkhafsh Menni
  • Cucina Povera 
  • Geographic North
    Geographic North House Band
  • XVARR 
  • William Basinski 
    The Wheel Of Fortune
  • Takagi Masakatsu 
    April 18
  • Quarter-Life Crisis
    Comfortable (Feat. Hand Habits)
  • Broadcast 
    You And Me In Time
  • Pieter Nooten And Michael Brook
  • Erika de Casier 
    No Butterflies, No Nothing
  • Arve Henriksen 
    Sorrow And Its Opposite