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Lafawndah: Haruomi Hosono/YMO Day

Tokyo, 27.11.17

With Lafawndah

Focus on Haruomi Hosono, Yellow Magic Orchestra

A 15-hour tribute to the influential Japanese songwriter, Haruomi Hosono, known from his prolific productions and work in the electronic trio, Yellow Magic Orchestra. Expect mixes exploring his career and adjacent music from NTS' most dedicated Hosono-philes.


  • ​Haruomi Hosono
    TRANCE - 3. ガンバン・スリン
  • Haruomi Hosono
    The Tale Of Genji
  • Haruomi Hosono (Graham Massey mix) 
    Laughter Meditation (Massey Mix)
  • Haruomi Hosono 
    The Paradise View
  • Charles Wilp (Haruomi Hosono mix) 
    Exotic Dance
  • Voce Seconda
    Ennio Morricone (Haruomi Hosono)
  • Haruomi Hosono
    FIN - 5. ジェッディン・デデン
  • Haruomi Hosono 
    Birthday Party
  • Haruomi Hosono 
    The Endless Talking
  • Haruomi Hosono 
    The First One In Heaven
  • Harry Hosono 
    Merry Go Round [filmed in Nov 1976 at Toshimaen, Tokyo; music: Haruomi Hosono 21 Dec 2006]
  • Sketch Show