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Highlife & Sunshine Show w/ Tryb

London, 19.08.23

Music of the sun, a.k.a the tracks your dad used to play on a Saturday afternoon… Join TrYb as she explores West African pop, high life, soukous and more.


  • Kazet Song
    Mahlathini And The Mahotella Queens
  • Ingoina Le Nyathi Song
    Intombi Zephepha
  • Pamparida Song
    Super Mama Djombo
  • Golozo Song
    Ernesto Djédjé
  • See Serere Song
    Sophia Ben, The Eagles Lupopo
  • Mbongui Song
  • Farmacia Song
    Abel Lima
  • Ancien Combattant Song
  • Bata Ijo Song
    Adewale Ayuba
  • Jiji Song
    Orchestra Super Mazembe
  • Osei Banahene
    Odo NYE Me Sa (85 Ghana Highlife)
  • Rag Waa Nacab Iyo Nasteexo (Men Are Cruel And Kind) Song
    Aamina Camaari
  • Eko Akete Song
    Fatai Rolling Dollar