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Hollow Points Radio

Baltimore, 24.07.20

Quiet purveyor of hip-hop and beyond, DJ Luh delivers a power hour of the best in hip-hip


  • YNW Melly 
    Virtual (Blue Balenciagas)
  • Goonie
    Better Off As Friends
  • ????
    Light It
  • ????
    All Rats Must Die
    Free Rushhy Bandxz (Feat. Rushhy Bandxz)
  • BandGang 
    Beat The Case
  • 30 Deep Grimey
    No Cap Pt 2
  • Marc Benji
    BenjiHunchoz (Feat. Fluhkunxhkos)
  • Slimesito
    Pistol Grip
  • Setitoff83
  • Skiito
    Opp Pack
  • Poloboy Nunu
    Come Outside
  • NEP Glock
    Certified Steppers (Feat. Drugrixh Mario)
  • DB Boutabag
    No Hook (Feat. #DRE)
  • BRIS
  • ShootergangJoJo
    Out The Slammer
  • AzSwaye 
    Still Flock
  • Eastside Reup And Sada Baby
    My Dawg
  • Icewear Vezzo & AK Bandamont
    8 Track
  • Alo Bandz
    All Facts
    Pressue Baby
  • Steven Cannon
    Molly Ringwald (Prod. By Roca Beats)
  • A$AP Ant
    Cloud Burst (Feat. Soduh)
  • Goonew Feat. Keezah
  • Ca$h Out 
    Let's Get It