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Barb Wire Halo w/ H0TF1RE

Los Angeles, 07.12.20

From Gutter Punk to G-Funk this is Hotfire radio on NTS.


  • U.K. Subs 
    I Live In A Car
  • Buzzcocks 
    Orgasm Addict
  • Adolescents 
    Kids Of The Black Hole
  • The Dicks 
    Dicks Hate The Police
  • MDC 
    Dead Cops
  • Brotha Lynch
    Had 2 Get Ya
  • Gangsta Flea 
    Mission District
  • 2wice, Livio, Quaron 
    Fuck With Sluts
  • Dubee 
    My Thang (Radio)
  • Keak Da Sneak 
    I'd Rather Smoke With U
  • Foesum feat. Bo Roc 
    Runnin' Game
  • The Relativez
    Still Wit The Bullshit
  • Comrads
    Bitch Made Niggas
  • VMF
    Bitches Fuck For Free
  • Kausion 
    Bounce, Rock, Skate
  • Relativez
    Strictly 4 Gb
  • My Crutch
    The Luniz