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Barb Wire Halo w/ H0TF1RE

Los Angeles, 26.06.17

From Gutter Punk to G-Funk this is Hotfire radio on NTS.


  • Charged G.B.H 
    Give Me Fire
  • Mobb Deep 
    Bitch Ass Nigga
  • 2 Of The Crew 
    All Day Chill
  • Fear 
    Beef Bologna
  • HO99O9 
    War is Hell
  • The Mentors
    When You’re Horny, You’re Horny
  • Hi
    C - Let Me Know
  • Tupac
    Don’t Give A Fuck
  • Born Addicted
    No Use For A Name
  • Kraut 
  • Mobb Deep 
    Trife Life
  • Anti
    Cimex - Braincell Battle
  • I Ain’t Havin It
    Juicy J And Young Nudy
  • AllFrumTha I 
    County Jail
  • Gang Green 
    Skate To Hell
  • Tweedy Bird Loc feat. Big Wy, 4-Clips 
    Keep On Walkin
  • Minutemen 
    This Aint No Picnic
  • Primus
  • 2nd II None 
    The Shit
  • Young Murder Squad
    3 G’z On D’z