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House Call w/ Dr. Kruger, Matt (Teeth Of The Sea) & Frankie Teardrop Dead

London, 15.02.15

With Frankie Teardrop Dead

Heavy vinyl records collector Dr. Kruger digs deep every other Sunday to bring soulful, funky and odd tunes from his crates straight to your home. Sometimes joined by a fellow crate digger/DJ of his choice, just tune in and let the doctor treat you.


  • Osamu
    Frost Flowers
  • Laurie Anderson 
    Big Science
  • Frankie Teardrop Dead
    Egg In A Ham Cup (I Took Acid Frozen From The Sixties)
  • Daniella Casa
    Ricerca Della Materia
  • Le Stelle di Mario Schifano 
    Le Ultime Parole Di Brandimante, Dall'Orlando Furioso, Ospite Peter Hartman E Fine (Da Ascoltarsi Con TV Accesa, Senza Volume).
  • Bedrock
    Without Love
  • Strafe 
    Set It Off
  • The Force 
    Gimme The Bass
  • Crash Course In Science 
    Flying Turns
  • Yoko Ono 
    Walking On Thin Ice
  • Dominatrix 
    The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
  • Frankie Teardrop Dead 
  • The Balloon Farm
    A Question Of Tempreture
  • Deep Fix
    Time Centre
  • Volga Nehri
    River Volga
  • Tom Ware
    China Town
  • Patrick Cowley 
    Primitive World
  • Clandestine, Ned Sublette 
    Radio Rhythm (S-I-G-N-A-L-S-M-A-R-T) (Original NS & Killer Whale 12" Dub Mix)
  • Alaska
    Bailando (Acido Espanol Mix)
  • Michael Bundt 
    The Brain Of Oskar Panizza
  • Grand Prix 
  • Frankie Teardrop Dead
    All You Need Is Love & Fucking Peace
  • Chris & Cosey 
    October (Love Song)
  • Loose Joints 
    Tell You (Today)
  • New Egypt 
    Flight To Egypt
  • Machine 
    There But For The Grace Of God Go I
  • Chemise 
    She Can't Love You (Vocal)