Hung, Drawn & Quartered

London, 24.01.19

They should return to the place from whence they came, from thence be drawn to the common place of execution upon hurdles, and there to be hanged by the necks, then cut down alive, their privy-Members cut off, and bowels taken out to be burned before their faces, their Heads to be severed from their bodies, and their bodies divided into four parts, to be disposed of as the King should think fit.


  • Dadawah
    Run Come Rally
  • Sir Coxone Sound
    Poor Mans Story
  • Dennis Brown
    Whip Them Jah
  • Love Joys
    All I Can Say
  • Ranking Ann
    Love On A Mountain Top
  • Junior Delahaye
  • Gregory Issacs
    I Am Sorry
  • Horace Andy
    Cut Cus
  • Rub A Dub One
    Little John
  • Sly & Robbie
    Destination Unknown
  • The Lone Ranger
    Wicked Ah Go Run
  • Scientist feat. Roots Radics
    Under Surveillance
  • QQ
    Better Must Come

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