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Immediate Hits Fuzzy Janglepop Special

Manchester, 12.12.20

My friend Shaun has been putting some brilliant photos of him and his friends at late 80s indie-pop gigs (in Hull, Bradford, York, Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Scarborough - all the hotspots) on Popular Photo Scrolling Website. Recently he posted the Shop Assistant's single "Safety Net". I played it on Popular Video Sharing Website (poorer quality) and it's a total steamroller! I'd always presumed there was dearth of fuzzy, rollicking belters like this in the jangle-pop canon, so I enlisted Shaun and some other friends (thanks Matthew and Eli!) to fill in the blanks for me. Hey presto, here's the Immediate Hits unearthed with the same rollicking, bounding abandon. "We just wanna dance all night again" - ain't that the truth? "We need to dance more and dance more and dance". Warning: high feedback content, high melodic content.