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London, 15.04.20

Selector on the rise Imogen takes on the NTS airwaves, bouncing between fuzzy electro and punishing techno.


  • EOD
    Mule (Forthcoming Bbb)
  • McGregor
    A Swathe Of Drums (Unreleased)
  • Baby T
    Porta {Ambient Mix} (Forthcoming Samurai Music)
  • Program 1 A.Ka Marc Acardipane
    World Famous MF {Stranger Remix} (Planet Future)
  • PHRS
    Cyancosis (Unreleased)
  • Cameron
    S.C.D.W (Unreleased)
  • Tom Place
    Program 84 (Unreleased)
  • Thanks Hana
    We Are Going Backward {Cops Still No Good} (Tar Hallow)
  • Gamma Intel 
    Casual Power
  • IMOGEN & Ben Pest
    Shibooty (Unreleased)
  • W1b0
    Fear Tactics (Forthcoming Discos Atonicos)
  • Unknown Artist
    Fuzzy Dreams
    Anatta (Unreleased)
  • HoxD-13
    Brain Damage (Sidewinder)
  • Setaoc Mass
    The Devils Defender (Unreleased)
  • Clouds
  • Stef Mendesidis 
    The Secret Agent's Blunder
  • JASSS 
    Turbo Olé
  • Stenny