Live now

In Flames

London, 01.10.22

Ruby & Josephine are In Flames. Between their eclectic NTS Show and regular parties, they bring pure fire and madness to the dance floor. Expect to contort yourself to the sounds of post-punk, post-funk and freaky disco vibes. No rules. Pure fun.


  • Culross Close 
    To Belong
  • V.C.R
  • Aksak Maboul
    Un Cad (Hello Skinny Remix)
  • Deerhoof 
    Love-Lore 2 (Knight Rider/Raymond Scott/Mauricio Kagel/Eddie Grant/Gary Numan)
  • Deep Tan 
    Gender Expansion Pack
  • Pamela Z 
    An In
  • WINO-D 
  • French Vanilla 
    All The Time
  • Portishead 
    Machine Gun
  • The Invincible Spirit 
    Push! (1990 New Version)
  • Human League
    The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
  • Charlotte Adigry & Bolis Pupul
    Thank You
  • Little Dragon 
  • Ani 
    Love Is The Message (For Those Who Didn't Hear It) (Next Mix)
  • FYI Chris 
    Things To Do
  • USG, Monica Elam 
    Life 4 Living (Vocal Life Mix)
  • Ivan Conti 
    Poison Fruit
  • Dinosaur L 
    Clean On Your Bean #1
  • Electric Mind 
    Zwei (Extended Dub Version)