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In Focus: Kate Bush

London, 29.07.22

Focus on Kate Bush

It's quite possible that there is no one else alive today that has been more influential to the shaping of the aesthetic choices and musical direction of women in pop music than Kate Bush. Despite the innumerable artists who have taken inspiration from her, Bush remains eternally elusive, both in her alchemical musical talent, and in her personal life.

Given her big break by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour who produced her first demo tape, in the five decades since, Bush's trajectory has weaved through multiple landmark albums, zeitgeist-altering music videos, and nascent entirely new musical genres. But, ultimately - the only true way to understand Kate Bush is to listen to the music.

Kate superfan Matt Tremaine handpicks 90 minutes from her catalogue, from the big pop classics, to album cuts, to rarities…