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In Focus: Gil Scott-Heron

New York, 10.12.19

Focus on Gil Scott-Heron

Given hip hop's position as pop culture's new musical lingua franca in the 21st Century, it's not a stretch to suggest Gil Scott-Heron is one of the most influential recording artists of the past 100 years, given his role as the progenitor of the genre. The Chicago-born poet electrified R&B, disco, jazz & later electronic productions with no-nonsense street reportage, and critiques on the ills of a broken America. He inspired a legion of artists with his militant faith in his own beliefs.

This 2 hour compilation brings together the breadth of Heron’s work, combining soul, blues and jazz, with comedy, spoken word and a piercing insight into race relations in 20th century America.

This show has been compiled by Robbie Warin and is dedicated to Henry Miller, who first introduced him to Scott-Heron’s music.

Collection: The Human Voice