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In Focus: Larry Heard

Chicago, 30.06.23

Focus on Larry Heard

Who else sounds like Larry Heard? In the late 1980s, The Chicago house producer was one of the first artists – initially as a part of Fingers, Inc., and then as a solo act – to truly stamp their own unique aesthetic onto the nascent style of electronic dance music. Favouring lush instrumentation, foggy chords and dreamy melodies over the more mechanic pounding of many of his counterparts, he inspired the "deeper" sounds of the midwest's second wave, and generations of young clubbers elsewhere around the world.

This In Focus features close to 3 hours of untouchable deep house beauty from Larry Heard - compiled, mixed and edited by Giles Smith.


  • 0:01:33
    Larry Heard 
  • 0:02:00
    Larry Heard 
    Question Of Time
  • 0:05:20
    Larry Heard 
  • Larry Heard Featuring Che
    The Beauty Of Celeste
  • Massive Attack (Larry Heard mix) 
    Any Love (Larry Heard Mix)
  • Larry Heard 
    Ice Castles
  • Larry Heard
    Cycles of Ecstasy
  • Larry Heard, Ona King 
    Premonition Of Lost Love (Radio Edit)
  • Larry Heard 
    A Long Short Story
  • Larry Heard Presents Mr White
    You Rock Me
  • Strong Souls feat. Twanna X 
    Sensual Let's Work
  • 2ndAvenew
    It’s The New
  • Fingers Inc. 
    Distant Planet
  • Berkson & What feat. JoJo De Freq 
    Make It True
  • Larry Heard 
    And So I Dance
  • Larry Heard 
    Heaven Dub (Original)
  • Ché 
    The Incident (Raw Mix)
  • Larry Heard Presents Mr White
    The Sun Can’t Compare
  • Fingers Inc. 
    Never No More Lonely
  • The Gherkin Jerks 
    Strange Creatures
  • Larry Heard 
    Saga Of The Evil Queen
  • The R.A.M. Project 
    Gonna' Be Alright
  • Kai Alce Ft Rico & Kale
    Take A Chance (Mr Fingers Ambient Acid Instrumental)
  • Larry Heard
    I Know It’s You
  • Larry Heard
    Burnin 4 You
  • Larry Heard 
    Black Oceans
  • Mr. Fingers 
    Children At Play
  • Mr. Fingers 
  • Mr Fingers 
    What About This Love?
  • Mr Fingers 
    We Can Work It Out
  • Mr. Fingers 
    Can You Feel It
  • Mr Fingers