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In Focus: Robert Wyatt

Bristol, 28.01.20

Focus on Robert Wyatt

Born in Bristol, England, Robert Wyatt joined the Soft Machine during the exciting, slightly post-psychedelic Canterbury Scene of the mid-'60s that produced bands like Gong and Pink Floyd. Swerving the typical theatrical excess of progressive rock, the Soft Machine preferred a more spartan rock setup, experimenting in jazz-esque improvisation. Following a traumatic accident, falling out of a window, Wyatt became wheelchair-bound. His solo work became contemplative, trance-like & lush. Musically active until very recently, Wyatt was unrestricted by the machinations of the music industry, creating and releasing music only when he felt like it.

This In Focus is a deep dive into the meditative & emotionally potent music of Robert Wyatt, compiled by Knee Deep's Mattis.