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In Focus: Tatsuro Yamashita

Tokyo, 17.04.20

Focus on Tatsuro Yamashita

YouTube's algorithm has a knack for uncovering previously unheard records and transforming them into online cult classics, destined to climb into millions of views. One such album is Tatsuro Yamashita's 1982 LP "For You" - a work of pure & immediate sunniness, evoking endless summer evenings enjoying fruity cocktails. The record contains all the hallmark features of Yamashita's music and the "city pop" genre with which became synonymous: funk & jazz inflected pop with taut melodic songwriting, pristine production quality and a playful disregard of pretension.

Anu spends a joyful two hours playing some of his best work on this In Focus.

Image: Air Records

Collection: Eighties Japan