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Insert w/ Lokane

London, 28.07.17

With Lokane

Fusing the sounds of early grime, techno, club and ballroom, Insert consistently expose unreleased tracks and up-and-coming artists via their blog and radio show.


  • Untold 
    Tear Up The Club
  • Asmara 
    True Story Dude
  • Kid Antoine 
  • E.M.M.A. 
    LA Mermaid
  • Oni Ayhun
  • Zean
    Phenomenon Vibe
  • Hodge 
    No Single Thing
  • Shy Girl
    Want More
  • Dawn
    Redemption Intro
  • Jlin feat. Dope Saint Jude 
    Never Created, Never Destroyed
  • Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj (Phantoms mix) 
    Side To Side (Phantoms Remix)
  • Etta Bond
    Kiss My Girlfriend (Lokane Remix)
  • Dawn Richard
    Lazarus (Machinedrum Remix)
  • Flume 
    Wall Fuck
  • Airynore
    Without U
  • Okmalumkoolkat 
    Straight To The Top
  • Lokane
    Purple Gold
  • Mask Off
    T1r Edit
  • Lokane
    Body Double VIP
  • Lokane
    Blocked Ft. Dai Burger
  • Lokane 
  • Dawn
    Interim (Lokane Remix)
  • Wild Kid
  • Miz
    Grip _ Ride (SF Re-Strict)
  • Unknown
    Mumdance & Logos Remix 2
  • Unknown
    Brandy Baby Remix